Redefining Traditional Value Propositions in Banking

The value that banks deliver to customers is changing – that is one of the currents that runs through Joseph DiVanna’s excellent Redefining Financial Services. I’ve been reading this book (and a few others of DiVanna’s) to better understand where my own company, Zafin Labs, fits into the value proposition of banking services in general.(…)

The Preservation of the Problem

“Well, organizations that are founded to solve problems end up committed to the preservation of the problems. So Trentway-Wagar, an Ontario-based bus company, sues PickupPal, an online ride-sharing service, because T-W isn’t committed to solving transportation problems. It’s committed to solving transportation problems with buses. In the media world, Britannica is now committed to making(…)

More about Groupon

So I won’t repost the entire entry I wrote earlier today over at the OpenCal blog, but I do think it is worth a read – anyway, I wrote about how to make a Groupon campaign more successful based on some tips I have heard from businesses that have used it and from researching the(…)

The Remix Culture

This post is, I guess, about the intersection of an article I recently read in the Globe and Mail and a video I saw on how we have developed a culture that loves the remix. In the article, which is about generating killer ideas, many great strategies stick out, but ‘borrow an idea’ is in(…)

Groupon: what makes it so irresistible?

Groupon does a couple of remarkable things. First off, Groupon adds e-commerce to small businesses that can’t do so. You don’t need to install anything (though online booking can help you deal with the onslaught of new business), you don’t need to purchase an https cetificate, you don’t need to sign up for a merchant(…)

Life in a startup: five lessons learned three weeks in

1. Getting customers to try a product that hasn’t launched yet is harder than you think is exactly as hard as it sounds. OpenCal is a fine product, and yet I knew getting customers would be difficult and yet, at the same time, I somehow believed it would magically be easier. You can always picture(…)

The importance of T-shaped individuals

Most of the content for this post comes from a presentation I gave at a job interview which I did not get; so take that for what it’s worth. For the most part the presentation was well received, however I probably could have used a bit more polish. The idea itself came (not surprisingly) from(…)

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