Google > Apple > Facebook?

Two articles I read recently, here at MicroPersuastion blog and here at BusinessWeek, led me to conclude as much.  In the first case, though I have hardly used their products, I think of Apple as a company with good customer service, so it was somewhat surprising to read that they might have a few things(…)

College Students’ Social Networking

This article from eMarketer shows that social networking usage has nearly doubled in the last two years. As a relative newcomer to social networking, it is easy to see some of the great things about it: it is easy to reconnect with old friends, share events and photos and simply stay more connected. I wonder(…)

Listening to teenagers

They are trying to be adults but they are kids. They are talking about ignoring fashion – they are anti-fashion, yet they speak of loving Europe in the summer because you can simply don your Lululemons and head out into the street. We stare at them and listen. They are like a different species –(…)

What are we really saving?

As I am currently taking a graduate business degree, most of what I want to write about these days concerns economics – or rather, human behaviour. For example, I am constantly confounded by what I learn in marketing. Although the discipline is full of buzz words and applications of strategy, it all really boils down(…)

To begin is to begin again

In medias res… I’ve turned that phrase over and over in my head, and it seems to say what I want this blog to be about: into the middle of things. Let’s not worry about how we get wherever it is we are going, let’s just get moving already. Entries will be short shorter than(…)