Monetizing mobile banking

Mobile is all the rage these days. With Facebook now routinely ahead of analyst estimates largely due to their drive to monetize the mobile channel through improved ad sales performance, it is no wonder that “mobile” is making headlines day in, day out. Companies are scrambling to not only adopt mobile but profit from it.(…)

TED for banking: 3 ways banks are designing the branch of the future

Recently, while researching branch design for our quarterly journal, I noticed that banks have been quietly creating the “branch of the future” mainly through the areas of Technology, Experimentation, and Design. Now, I’m a big fan of TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) and the amazing content they publish, so I was fairly tickled when I realized the same acronym(…)

Redefining Traditional Value Propositions in Banking

The value that banks deliver to customers is changing – that is one of the currents that runs through Joseph DiVanna’s excellent Redefining Financial Services. I’ve been reading this book (and a few others of DiVanna’s) to better understand where my own company, Zafin, fits into the value proposition of banking services in general. We(…)