The truth about twitter

“The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?” ~ David Sarnoff’s associates in response to his urgings for investment in radio, 1920s Maybe this title could be less provocative, but it answers to what I want to write about, which is how I(…)

How we are linked

I recently came across Nexus, an application that can map out the connections in and amongst all of your collected friends on Facebook.  The result is, I think, pretty neat. As you can see, my friends form some interesting smaller networks, through which they are all connected to each other (at the very least) through(…)

Understanding twitter

A couple of blog posts/articles I’ve been reading over have articulated more or less what I have been thinking about twitter lately.  I haven’t really used the service yet, but I’ve been ‘shadow following’ (for lack of a better term) several marketing type people and other friends in my area to try to better understand(…)

What we learned: insights from our digital branding project

Easy Lesson 1: Know why you are doing it and how it will enhance the user experience. Companies and brands use a wide variety of social media and networking tools such as twitter, facebook, and blogs; not all companies should do this. A Seth Godin witticism elaborates: sundae toppings are great, so long as they(…)

Google > Apple > Facebook?

Two articles I read recently, here at MicroPersuastion blog and here at BusinessWeek, led me to conclude as much.  In the first case, though I have hardly used their products, I think of Apple as a company with good customer service, so it was somewhat surprising to read that they might have a few things(…)

College Students’ Social Networking

This article from eMarketer shows that social networking usage has nearly doubled in the last two years. As a relative newcomer to social networking, it is easy to see some of the great things about it: it is easy to reconnect with old friends, share events and photos and simply stay more connected. I wonder(…)