Four quotes to live by

Never leave the scene of a decision without first taking a specific action towards its realization. ~ Tony Robbins I may not have that exactly right, but the spirit of it is there. So often in the past I have made decisions and basked in the afterglow of ‘accomplishing something’ or ‘doing the right thing’(…)

How we are linked

I recently came across Nexus, an application that can map out the connections in and amongst all of your collected friends on Facebook.  The result is, I think, pretty neat. As you can see, my friends form some interesting smaller networks, through which they are all connected to each other (at the very least) through(…)

What are we really saving?

As I am currently taking a graduate business degree, most of what I want to write about these days concerns economics – or rather, human behaviour. For example, I am constantly confounded by what I learn in marketing. Although the discipline is full of buzz words and applications of strategy, it all really boils down(…)