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The Remix Culture

This post is, I guess, about the intersection of an article I recently read in the Globe and Mail and a video I saw on how we have developed a culture that loves the remix. In the article, which is about generating killer ideas, many great strategies stick out, but ‘borrow an idea’ is in(…)

How we are linked

I recently came across Nexus, an application that can map out the connections in and amongst all of your collected friends on Facebook.  The result is, I think, pretty neat. As you can see, my friends form some interesting smaller networks, through which they are all connected to each other (at the very least) through(…)

What we learned: How a few companies are successfully using the Groundswell Framework, and what exactly it is that they are doing.

Listening – companies must listen to what customers are saying to gain better understanding – Starbucks: My Starbucks Idea ( – a place where registered users can provide ideas, feedback, and talk to each other about the drinks, the food, whatever; Starbucks also monitors twitter feeds and responds directly to customer complaints or questions. –(…)

What we learned: insights from our digital branding project

Easy Lesson 1: Know why you are doing it and how it will enhance the user experience. Companies and brands use a wide variety of social media and networking tools such as twitter, facebook, and blogs; not all companies should do this. A Seth Godin witticism elaborates: sundae toppings are great, so long as they(…)

Using Social Media to Save Customers, Build Brands

The folks over at Plaid have provided our tradeshow topic, Using Social Media to Create Brand Evangelists, the best anecdote to date.  They were feeling justifiably upset over a gigantic roaming bill ($1000 per card) for 24 hours of mobile internet service while passing through Vancouver on their recent roadtrip.  They prepared for a word-of-mouth war against(…)